Sirona 3D Cone Beam

3D dental imaging (also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT) allows your dentist to see more anatomy, and with more clarity than traditional dental x-rays. The focused x-ray beam results in better image quality and a lower dose of radiation. With this 3D image of your teeth, bones, and surrounding tissue, Dr. Pate will completely understand your dental condition. More importantly, with these easy to understand 3D images Dr. Pate will be better able to explain your dental condition to you.

3D scans produce precise, anatomically accurate images of both hard and soft tissues with exceptional detail and clarity. These images allow your dentist to plan and place implants exactly at the right position with perfect alignment and height. These incredibly detailed images, along with sophisticated implant planning software, allow Dr. Pate to “virtually perform your surgery” before you are ever in the chair. Our digital implant library has over 300 implants to choose from. This means that Dr. Pate can pick the right implant for the bone you have available. This often eliminates the need for additional bone grafting saving you both time and money. This” virtual surgery” also greatly reduce your chances for complications to vital nerves and sinuses.


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